How to Know if a Female Suffering from Hair Loss?

Hair is the most important part of our body. It not only makes one look complete but also have some metabolic functions to perform. This is the reason that the causes of hair fall are not only due to outer pollution and carelessness but also due to the inner functional imbalances in our body. People all over the world are trying their best to understand the causes and treat them accordingly. The most important thing is the realization that the hairs are falling out unnaturally.


Females are more concerned about their hair fall. Some symptoms may point towards the fall of hair in females. These symptoms – to some extent – also suggests the type of hair fall. There are various causes of hair fall in females. Each one can be identified through their characteristic symptoms.


  • Thinning of the hair


There is a loss of hair from all over the head. Women, unlike men whose hairlines decrease, may find their part broadening.


  • Formation of Bald Spots


There is the formation of a circular itchy space over the scalp just after the hair falls out. These spots may be painful even.


  • Hands full of hairs


One may find a hand full of hair while combing or washing. This may happen in a traumatic hair loss experience.


  • Sudden full loss of hair


This is the situation when suddenly all the hairs are lost from almost all parts of the body.


  • The loss of hair in females can also be due to some genetic reasons. The symptoms of these kinds of hair loss are different. This type of hair fall is caused by disturbances in the immune system of our body.


  • Androgenetic Alopecia has this genetic hair loss at the age of 12 to 40. The loss is seen as the overall thinning of hair.
  1. Alopecia Areata


The kind of sudden hair fall can be identified by looking at the pattern of the fall. One or more round bald patches can be seen on the head all over.


  1. Cicatricle Alopecia


The follicle is replaced by the scar tissues after the hair fall.


  1. Traumatic Alopecias


Hair loss happens due to hairstyling. The hair shaft may be found broken.


Many other symptoms can be used for the diagnosis of hair fall in females is caused by some underlying conditions.


  • Hypothyroidism 


This may cause joint swelling, weight gain, etc.


  • Ringworm


Red or grey patches can be found on the scalp. They may also be painful and scaly.


  • Celiac disease 


Mouse rashes or anaemia or headaches, anything can be seen in this kind of hair fall.


  • Hodgkin’s disease


Night sweats and lymph nodes’ swelling can be observed. It may also cause a fever.


Female hair loss can be due to various reasons. It is not easy to know if one is suffering from hair fall. To locate it in its prime stage, one needs to observe the symptoms discussed above. One needs to consult the doctor or a hair specialist as soon as one observes any kind of usual or unusual hair fall. Find out the remedies possible and take care of the hair.