A complete study of an Ink Cartridge



The Ink cartridge NZ is basically a cartridge which is a component of an inkjet printer. The ink cartridge is basically a component which keeps the ink that is used in the time of printing. Ink cartridges basically have one on more ink reservoirs present in them depending on whether it is a black and white cartridge or a colored cartridge. Some of the ink cartridge manufacturers have started to add an electronic contact chip with the cartridge so that the chip is able to communicate directly with the printer when the printer is turned on.




Thermal ink in the ink cartridge is very much popular. Some of the companies which are known for using thermal ink are Lexmark, HP, and Canon. The thermal inkjet is very much simple in nature. Inside all the ink reservoirs in the cartridge, there is basically a heating element which also contains a metal plate in it. When the printer gives the signal the current is passed through the metal and makes it warm. The ink basically gets heated up and slowly vaporizes in the nozzle. It takes one second for this process to complete. If the ink becomes dry in nature the flow of the printer gets disrupted making the printer print unusually colored pages. The only procedure to clean all the dry ink from the cartridge is with the help of alcohol along with water. Make sure to use distilled water because tap water may end up closing all the pores because of all the contamination.




This is the process that is only used by the company Epson. In this piezoelectric crystals are generally present in all the nozzle and the whole procedure of heating is not present in any of the cartridges manufactured by Epson. Current is passed through the crystals making the crystal change its size and shape and also increasing the pressure at the same point of time. Epson is generally known for using two types of crystals. One is the crystals which generally elongate when electricity passes through it and the other one is bi-morphs which are known for bending.


Variants of Inkjet cartridge


Here we have listed down all the variants of an ink cartridge which is popular

  • All the color inkjet printers which generally use colors like cyan, magenta, yellow and black. There are two types of black available in the market now.
  • There are printers available which carry cyan, magenta, yellow and black and along with all the four, there is another black available which is only used during any kind of text printing.
  • There are cartridges available which are specifically used to print photographs.
  • Each printer company has its own set of technology working inside the cartridge and this is the reason why they are not compatible with other brands.


Inkjet printers are popular only because they are very much reasonable in nature. They are not exactly reasonable for printing hundreds of pages on a daily basis but overall for home office purposes they are just perfect.