How to buy eye frames online?



Buying eye frames online can be a difficult task for many, but looking into the convenience of this purchase most of the people are switching to the online shop. There are several websites that will help you to click a 3D image of yours and try out all the glasses that will compliment your face shape perfectly. As you will see everything virtually so this will guide will help you to keep the pointers in mind that you should not miss out when you are ordering an eye frame online.


  • Prescription: When you are ordering the glasses online and you have metrics in your eyes then you will definitely need to have the updated prescription with yourself. You should contact the optometrist or the eye clinic for getting them up to date prescription that will give you the details whether you will need bifocal, progressive, reading glasses, try focusing distance, single vision computer or ask for the metric numbers. Always be sure with the metrics before you are hitting that buy option.


  • Pupillary distance: The PD or the pupillary distance measuring is very important when you are ordering a glass online. This will be written on the prescription that you have collected from the eye clinic.


  • Frame size: The section for the size of the frame is done by keeping in mind three primary measurements. These are the temple size, eye size, and the bridge size. One must always have glasses that are fitting them perfectly with proper measurement and metrics. If you are unsure about the frame size then you can also go to the retail store for determining the sizing measurements.


  • Face shape: If you have the diamond-shaped faces with narrow jaw and high cheekbones then you should concentrate in adding depth to the eyes and for minimizing the dramatic cheekbones you should always select the frame that is a cat eye or oval shapes. The people with oblong face shape should always go with the frames that will help them in making their face appears short for adding a little width to their face. Go with the frame that is deeper than they are wide. The oval shape has a good balance, so you will have to maintain the balance by selecting the right frame. Go for the walnut-shaped frames because it has the perfect balance of width and depth. People with round face shape should go for those narrow and wide frame eyeglasses for making their face look you’re thinner. You should go for the rectangular frames.


  • Styles: There is a different kind of variety when you are buying an eye frame.  Starting from the frameless glass to the aviator, biker, round, club master, wayfarer, oval there are a plethora of styles to choose from. All you have to do is select the one that compliments your face shape and will help you in show casting your taste in style.


This is a small overview of what are the things that you should be looking into when you are ordering an eye frame online. So make sure to keep in mind all these points that will help you in picking the right frame for your eye.