Physiotherapy is one of the many available allied healthcare systems that provide diagnosis and treatment concerning the physical ailments of a patient. Physiotherapy is also often referred to as physical therapy, which is what exactly the name suggests. This treatment concentrates on the motor functions of an individual which could help the patient lead a healthy life free from all physical pain.

Physio Mona Vale has a batch of clinics located in Mona Vale which is situated in Northern Sydney, Australia, dedicated to providing physiotherapy treatments, and MGS Physiotherapy is one of the clinics in Physio Mona Vale. This clinic is set up by a group of Manual Therapists dedicated to providing hands-on therapy to patients. This Physio Mona Vale clinic offers thorough consultation to patients seeking for help so that the correct diagnosis can be provided to allow for the right course of treatment concerning the patient’s ailment.

Besides that, the patients will also be relieved to learn that the physiotherapists in this clinic receive regular training from three Titled Musculoskeletal Therapists, who are professionally trained in physiotherapy. With only about 800 Titled Musculoskeletal Therapists in Sydney, you can assume that this is a rarity.

This Physio Mona Vale clinic has incorporated several techniques in offering the different types of physiotherapy, and some of them are:

  1. Manipulation: Manipulation is the technique of cracking a joint where the joint is ‘put back’ to free the patient from suppressed movement and allowing the patient to improved motor function and flow. A patient can always talk to their physiotherapist regarding the techniques that they are going to use, because, for some patients, this may prove to be quite uncomfortable.
  2. Mulligan’s Technique: A person suffering from lousy joint and spine can lead to a harrowing life as they are responsible for providing mobility to the physical body. Mulligan’s Technique is also referred to as SNAGs or NAGs in where the physiotherapist will gently lift or glide the spine joint while the patient moves. In this way, the physiotherapist will be able to loosen up the spine by freeing it from ‘rusty’ points. For the hip joint or the ankle joint, a physiotherapist can use a belt for gliding or lift the problematic joint.
  3. Soft Tissue Release: An inactive person can form tightened muscles at definite points in the body which could lead to aches and could make life very uncomfortable. Physiotherapists, in this case, use this technique of Soft Tissue Release in massaging the muscles or muscle group to release them by stretching the tightened areas through massage movements.
  4. Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy is a form of treatment where patients submerge themselves in warm pools, where the temperature is slightly above than the average temperature of a heated pool. During this course, they are supervised by trained physiotherapists where the patients perform exercises which are deemed too painful in normal conditions. The heated water will help to relax the muscles of the patients, thus making hydrotherapy an effective treatment in treating them of their ailments.

In addition to all the above treatments mentioned, there are other treatments available in this Mona Vale Clinic such as acupuncture, dry needling, and muscle energy technique.