Publish your content using WordPress and get benefits in SEO


With the online market getting flooded with websites, owning a website only is not going to get you to your goal. To stay ahead in the competition and increase the online visibility of your websites you will need to take the help of SEO.

If you are familiar with the latest SEO Services Auckland then you must know that content plays an important part in SEO and in turn in your google ranking. To improve your content presentation and SEO score, CMS is the best option to choose. One such CMS that has been recently very much popular is the WordPress.

There are plenty of reasons why WordPress has been treated as a great platform to have SEO benefits.

  1. Link Structure

The link structure of your permanent URLs to your website pages is very important for the SEO. Having an improper link structure is not going to benefit you in the process of SEO. For that you need an organized way to maintain your links. WordPress gives you the opportunity to customize the URL of every post and page you make. Also you can fix the structure of your link, so that you do not need to change the structure every time. This can seriously help you get the attention of the search engines and it will be easier for them to crawl your website and tag them.

  1. SEO-friendly titles

If you consult an SEO Services Auckland you will see that ‘Title’ is one of the important things that can have effect on your SEO score. A title of a page gives the first impression about your website to the search engine, also it can help them categorize the website in proper category as well.

Also, most of the people search posts or pages using the long tail keyword which might be the part of your title. This is why it is important for you to find the right kind of title. In wordpress you can get SEO plugin which will do this task for you. Whenever you write any title of your page or post, it will let you know about the SEO score it is going to generate and accordingly you can change them. Also some of the plug-in are capable of suggesting page titles as well.

  1. Meta Descriptions

Meta description is another important part of SEO. It is the small description that is shown under each of the website displayed in the search result. This can really tell the user about your website and it should a summary of your website actually. That is why the Meta description is very much important from the SEO aspect.

With the proper SEO plug-in on wordpress you can surely make your post more visible and have a better SEO result. The plug-in will optimize the description for you and you will enjoy the SEO benefits easily.

  1. Tags and Image optimization

Optimizing the images is lot easier with the wordpress as you get the “alt” tag just beside your image when you upload them. With the “alt” tag filled properly you can get your images optimized in a better way.

Tagging a page is really important part of SEO Services Auckland. The tags actually denote the keywords of your website. If your content quality is good and your have proper tags attached to it, it can actually rank on search engine with ease and that is what basically you are looking for when you are investing in SEO.


So, if you are looking to get the best out of SEO techniques without appointing SEO Services Auckland then you must go for the WordPress. Along with the proper content management it can also help you get your SEO score higher as well. It does not matter if you are an expert of SEO or not, you can still get a long way in SEO with the use of wordpress and with time you will learn more tricks which you will be able to use for your own good.