FAQS related to retirement villages


There a number of myths and facts surrounding retirement villages. If you have been planning to move in, it is best to take legal counsel so that you are fully aware of the living conditions, policies, your rights as well as obligations. Some of the most frequently asked questions about retirement village has been discussed below.

Are retirement villages similar to old age care homes?

There are a number of differences between the two facilities. Old age care homes are usually meant for old people who are in constant need of medical care whereas a retirement village is a residence that provides accommodation to anyone who is above 55 years of age. These facilities are designed so that the old people can live independently without facing many problems. Retirement villages can have perfectly healthy and comparatively younger working residents as well. There are facilities such emergency medical team and 24-hour emergency service to help the residents in case of any emergencies.

What facilities are included in a retirement village?

Retirement villages can have libraries, communal gardens, gymnasiums, village bars, internet lounges, meeting rooms, garages and even parking lounges for visitors. They are designed in such a way that the residents can enjoy a perfectly healthy and social life. There are also special days for gatherings where the residents can come together and participate in recreational activities.

How much personal care and support is available?

This depends on what level of assistance you would want to take. There and independent living assisted living and serviced apartments, each of which has different level of personal care services. If the residents are in good health, they can simply opt for independent living.

Do they allow pets?

Many retirement villages allow pets if they are not creating trouble for other residents. However, all of them may not allow for replacement pets after your pet dies. This should be enquired before moving into the retirement village.

Can guests stay?

Retirement village does provide provisions for short term guests. However, their duration of stay does matter and the guest is not allowed in vacant units if the actual resident is away on a vacation.

What about the meals?

Retirement villages do not provide meals. The residents are solely responsible for their shopping and food. However, a limited amount of daily help is provided. Residents can avail of more flexible services by making some extra payments. There are also shared kitchens which can be used during larger functions to cater to the needs of the people.

How to get additional information about villages?

When can you sign the contract? If there is a vacancy, you can sign up and move into the retirement village anytime you want. You can also buy a unit before the actual construction has started. This is known as buying off the deal and allows the customers to customize on their apartment styles according to their own convenience. This could be very convenient if the resident is going to stay for a longer period of time.