Engagement Rings: What are the Various Types?


Engagement rings symbolize a perfect moment in time for a couple’s relationship. It is also an expression of one’s personal style and could also come to mean how much a relationship has grown over time or how the people in the relationship are. So an engagement ring can be classic, vintage or modern. With so many styles and personalities come various ring types. So here’s a list of the commonly available engagement rings in the Auckland┬ámarket to surprise your loved one with:

Halo Ring

Just as the name suggests, there are micro pave diamonds which surround the central diamond. As a result, when the light hits them, it just spreads a brilliance of light. It’s a special ring which symbolizes holiness and purity in a relationship. But at the end, it can stand to mean whatever one wants it to.

Promise Ring

It’s the ring which is perhaps considered a bit lesser than an engagement ring, but as the name says, it symbolizes trust, patience, and companionship like no other. It says that the couple will walk the road of life together. Always.

Classic Solitaire

This symbolizes an elegance which is timeless. A classic solitaire has remained the archetypal engagement ring since time immemorial. While it is timeless, but it can also be unique as it can accommodate almost all shapes and sizes of center stones.

Princess Cut Ring

This is a square shape stunning diamond which offers brilliance which is also seen in the round diamond. It is truly fit for a princess as the name suggest and it will also make the loved ones feel like they are wearing a tiara.

Side Stone Engagement Rings

This ring keeps an eye towards the future. It has a simple setting, but it is perfect for any style- traditional, classic or modern. It looks amazing paired with emeralds, pink sapphires, diamonds, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, etc. Basically, it’s colorful, classic and lovely.

Wedding Ring Set

The general logical conclusion when choosing an engagement ring is to plan for a wedding and so buying a wedding ring set is common. A diamond set is most common in this regards.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

This ring represents a complete journey- the past, the present, and the future. It symbolizes all the time and love shared, but also all that the future holds. There are two diamonds which join with the center diamond to create something unique. One can choose to go with a classic emerald cut or go for something modern that mixes up radiant diamonds and round cut.

Cushion Cut Ring

Here one can beautifully combine the traditional round cut with the brilliance of a princess cut to create something stunning. It’s reminiscent of something old, but beloved, like a grandma’s touch. One will be able to see that the larger facets of cushion diamond reflect light in romantic and amazing ways.

In the end, the ideal ring setting and the combination can be whatever you and your partner desire. The choice is yours and you should always choose something which will put a smile on your and your beloved’s face.