Terrace housing and the changing face of it


Terrace housing has been the part of history and we all have loved its designing. We know that with the changing time, the face of these types of houses has changed. So, here we are with some details related to this changing pattern of terraced houses.

Early Georgian house

The construction of terraced houses dates back at the Georgian time. It was the time when the terraced house architecture actually started and hit the ground. The style was very different and unique, but changes were done accordingly in construction. The service rooms in these houses used to be in the basement in the initial years, but as the time passed and we entered in the middle of the 18th century, the culture of building a half basement in the house was introduced. This allowed more light in the rooms in the lower section of the house.

Late Georgian house

People saw the construction of terraced houses at this time also. The construction was somewhat like the previous design and the half basement culture was there. Also, there was a staircase right at the front gate. The balconies were decorated with decorative ironwork or stucco-covered brick. It used to have French windows which were popular right from the 1830s. The windows used to have twelve panes everywhere.

The 19th-century house

As time passed, the civilization moved and the construction and designing of terraced houses improvised till its best. In the 19th century, the terraced house was at its best and improvisations did were really working. Some of the important features of the houses that were made in this era are patterns formed in the roof tiles, terracotta finials and ridge tiles, gables and bargeboards that are facing outwards and many other things. Along with that, the doors used to have large panels of glass that came with a single opening. The windows used to have just two panes. Here, you could see the difference between the houses that were made at the Georgian time. The Gothic revival played a great role in the constriction of this design of the terraced house.

Terraced house today

The first point that we want to draw here is that the construction of terraced house today is very different from the eras, discussed in the sections above. If you look at the designing of the terraced house today, then you would feel that the beauty of this particular house is not restored from its past, but there are other improvisations that are important and beneficial. Not much time is given in the designing and styling of it. However, even a normally constructed terraced house looks good and attract people towards it and this is probably the reason that it is still in demand and people go for it.

These were all the designs and styles of the terraced houses. We have tried to mention each and every detail about the house so that the changes could be clear to the readers.